Metadata Extraction

Document Analysis

Automatic Document Metadata Extraction

In litigation Metadata can be used to test the veracity of an opponent's evidence to prove or disprove a claim's validity or used by a party to support its evidence and ultimate position.

Metadata extraction is the retrieval of any embedded metadata that may be present in a given file. By understanding these files, one can more successfully uncover and exploit any higher order forensic artifacts that may be present within the files. Because of the transient nature of the files, they have the capability of retaining information about the systems they are created or modified on even as they pass from host to host or volume to volume. These extracted metadata enables the examiners of document including attorneys engaged for prosecution or defence thereof to critically examine the documents for use in court. Therefore, careful examination of artifacts contained within file formats can be the key that ties a remote user or system to the activity of interest.

LogikDoc provides you the forensic capability and analysis of any single digital media focusing on retrieving and exploiting forensic artifacts as part of an examination of activities on a computer system or networks.